November Creative Tools | Cádiz CF6

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November Creative Tools | Cádiz CF6

Flamenco music can swing creative doors wide open for guitarists old and new. Learning flamenco rhythm and fingerpicking techniques improve speed and dexterity and trains the ear in modes and chords not commonly found in modern music. The Cádiz Series CF6 with its narrow profile body and tone inspired directly from the region where Flamenco music was born is the perfect instrument to explore this exciting genre of music.

In developing our new Classical and Flamenco guitars, we started our journey in Cádiz, the beautiful most southern province in Andalusia and the home of the Classical guitar. Our aim was to learn more about the history, the music and construction of these amazing instruments before embarking on R&D. The result of this intense study is the Cádiz Series, which we believe will engage any player, whether a seasoned professional or someone looking for different tones from an engaging nylon string guitar.

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