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September Creative Tools | AC65HCE

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September Creative Tools | AC65HCE

For steel string players looking for an easy transition to classical, or for classical players looking for an entirely new player experience, the AC65HCE is the perfect choice.

Featuring a narrower nut width than a standard classical, and a radius fingerboard and neck that joins at the 14th fret, the AC65HCE allows for more agility when fretting and faster picking with its tighter string spacing.

Alvarez Guitars use traditional style construction for its entire classical guitar line incorporating a Spanish heel neck joint and tapered fan bracing to deliver stability, balance and volume across all six strings.

The Artist 65’s are very responsive guitars with a warm and open tone. The AC65HCE acoustic electric hybrid is fitted with the fantastic LR Baggs StagePro EQ and Element pick up for optimal live performance.

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