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Alvarez and Cin Guitars Partner with Thailand’s Add Carabao to Support Thai Musical Education

Posted on September 22, 2016

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – Alvarez is proud to support their Thailand distributor, Cin Guitars, and their efforts to put a Regent Series guitar in the hands of 100 children in Thailand who can’t afford a guitar of their own. Cin Distribution worked with Alvarez and Thai musical sensation Add Carabao, creating Add a signature Alvarez Guitar. With each sale of Add Carabao’s signature instrument, Cin Distribution will gift a Regent Series to a child in need of the perfect student guitar.

“We are extremely impressed with Cin Distribution’s work and initiative in putting this charity incentive together,” Says Chris Meikle, Head of Development at Alvarez and Senior Vice President of St. Louis Music. “Partnering with Add Carabao, and developing his signature guitar took a lot of effort that we really appreciate, and the fact that each sale will go on to help a child passionate about music is totally in step with our culture of giving back.”

Add Carabao is the singer, songwriter and leader of the popular Thailand band Carabao. Their music blends acoustic/folk with several forms of Thai and World music, with lyrics that are often politically and socially themed. The word carabao means “buffalo”, and symbolizes hard work, and patience.

Cin Guitars is a subsidiary of Unique Music Company Limited, and has showrooms located in Bangkok, Thailand. Cin Guitars is known for representing their brands with excellent video production and use of social media. Cin Guitars became the exclusive Thailand distributor of Alvarez in May of 2015.

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[Pictured: Add Carabao and his Alvarez Guitar]